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Storytelling for Artists

From Starving Artist to Storyteller

I help artists — from music through fine arts to media — form lasting connections with their digital audiences through the power of UX storytelling.
Brand Storytelling

"Anyone can be a hero if you tell the story right..."

Hey There!

I'm Werner Griesel

Storyteller, Brand Experience Designer, Musician, UX Educator, Content Creator and an eternal student of life.

For the past couple of years I have helped artists (creators, authors, writers, filmmakers) with the fear of sounding like a salesperson, start making content people want to consume and create a career they’re truly excited about.

Currently I am focused on inspiring & helping artists and personal brands tell their stories and leverage their audiences on Social Platforms.

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Fitness Branding

High performance and results-centered.

"Werner helped me and what is now my team, to take our clients along with the ride rather than being sidelined and following instructions. This new way of thinking and working WITH your clients has proven to be an enormous success. Instead of just creating an audience we created a community of people willing to help each other."
JP Venter - Virgin Active

Regional Product Manager

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