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I help artists form lasting connections with their digital audiences through the power of UX storytelling.

Anyone can be a hero if you tell the brand story right...

Hey There!

I'm Werner Griesel

Self-proclaimed Ghost Storyteller. User Experience (UX) Lead by day, Micro-Fiction writer by night. Educator in between and an eternal student of life, all day err day.

I help artists start making content people want to consume and create a career they’re genuinely excited about: creators, authors, writers, filmmakers, artists of all kinds, sometimes have a fear of sounding like a salesperson. Let’s change that!

Currently, I focus on inspiring and helping entrepreneurs, small businesses and personal brands tell their stories and leverage their audiences on social platforms.

At your service to make your brand – through some epic magic* – sound cool, while getting you paid for being your self!

*Epic magic includes: Copy for your website pages, sales collateral, Instagram copy, newsletter emails… basically a bit of micro and nano-copy.

There is a massive black button below for a little bit more about me and what I do. Go on and give it a click.

Brand Storytelling
Just sitting... thinking. That's it!

Some ghostwriting for you...



Website Copywriting

Conversion copywriting narrows the focus of writing to a single goal – to convert. To get the reader to do something there and then. 

I specialise in the art of selling products or raising awareness by putting the right words in the right order – essentially to explains the benefit it brings to your reader’s lives.

Email Sequences Copywriting

For email sequence I create and organise all of the written content for email campaigns including slogans, headlines, and body content.

As an email copywriter I need to have a thorough understanding of the company’s products or services so I can properly convey the marketing messages in emails.



Social Media Ghostwriting

I’m the ghost storyteller for your social platforms. From brand strategist to brand experience designer, I craft stories best suited for your personal brand.

I specialise in helping artists put their story out into the world and form lasting connections with their digital audiences through the power of UX storytelling.

Blog & Article Ghostwriting

Thought leadership is about having a voice, and I can help yours become essential. Tell the world how awesome your business is.

As a ghostwriter I slide into different writing styles and brand personalities, depending on the needs of my clients. Make use of a ghost article anywhere and everywhere!

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