Bring dead copy to life.

The Ghost Storyteller

Is writing your story a pain in the neck?

Are you looking for words that raise the spirits and get you paid?

Well, if you are an artist, of any kind, who needs the written word that gives people goosebumps, you came to the right place. Let’s face it; lousy copy dampens people’s spirits. They quite literally run for the hills. When you tell your story, you want people to relate to it, stick around, give you money for your services and spread the gospel. Story writing is where I shine the brightest. Your story. My words.

Yes, many ghost puns, I know, but that’s the spirit.

Let's break it down...

At the core, I unearth your story and help you write copy that makes people pay for what you are already good at. You have a great story to tell; behind an offer that is too good to pass up. The missing link is you unleashing your personality and the message that comes with it.

Two things you should know about me: (and no, I am not going to humble-brag my way into your good graces)

In all honesty, you don’t have to have an epic tale of dragons or the proverbial rags-to-riches to get people to connect with you. If you have something simple to say, together we can mould it into a story worth selling. Feel free to explore the different ways in which we can get the creative juices flowing.
Werner at work
Thinkinf of more ghost puns...

Hey There!

Let's get some things out of the way...

Self-proclaimed Ghost Storyteller. User Experience (UX) Lead by day, Micro-Fiction writer by night. Educator in between and an eternal student of life, all day err day.

As a Brander and User Experience evangelist, I help all kinds of artists and students grow high-converting businesses and brands through UX Storytelling.

I love telling stories; I love getting into the dirt with what makes a user, a company, or a brand tick. Joseph Campbell opened my eyes, and I believe that a brand and the end-user are the main characters of their own hero’s journey. These paths cross several times.

I want to learn how to tell the story better and pass on the little notes I already have to others. I’m not a writer, I am not an expert; I am just a boy, standing in front of an audience, asking them to help me get my point across.

Armed with strategic thinking, making memorable visual identities, I will ensure your brand and business stand the test of time, by writing about it.

Oh, and I make music 🥁  on the weekends! – Klopjag

Ghostwriting with friends

What's in a name

So what the heck is Brandflex?

See Brandflex as a pharmacy. You go in there to get something for that itch. You walk out there with something for that itch... AND a couple of drops for this and another ointment for that.

Brandflex is your go-to place for:


To be frank, Brandflex is your source for help with:

Your story. My words.

Brand Story
Building a Story Brand

Ok, so tell me

Who is Brandflex?

Brandflex is an idea.. an alter ego, an entity… in fact, it is me. Werner Griesel.

Brandflex is a tv channel and all the movies, series and commercials are the different stories of our community. Your show, just on this channel, for the world to see.

I try to focus on topics like...

* How Might We’s (HMWs) are one of many tools in the UX writer’s toolkit to think about a problem space within an intentionally expansive (or divergent) mentality, instead of in a reductive (or convergent) one. #justsaying

Awesome, now

How does Brandflex help?

Easy, I write. I tell stories.

The good thing is, I also listen to stories. Yours. I listen to your account, help you write it out. We add magic to it and send it out into the world. We make your audience the main characters, you the guide, and your product their solution… in a nutshell.

Brandflex People
May we have your attention please

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